In 2021, when Thayers Witch Hazel wasn't able to create original video content due to the constraints put on by the pandemic, I pitched the idea to instead take popular meme formats and tailor them to fit with the goals set out with what would have been in the video campaign. 

The endgame was to find a way to appeal to Gen Z in a way that felt authentic, but gave necessary purchase information about quality, affordability, address misconceptions about witch hazel, how Thayers could help skin in teens aged 13-18, and what made Thayers toner the best product for your skin.

The process was a flurry of creative ideas that resulted in the creation of over 330 memes that incorporated every marketing and advertising point the brand needed to make that included existing meme formats as well as OC (original content) formats that utilized stock photos and licensable images.

The result was a success. Thayers saw massive engagement on their socials to and from the memes posted.

Thayers Witch Hazel is a L'Oreal Company.